We create high-quality, sustainable products with a unique look. Our diverse range is designed to optimally cover your needs in almost all situations.

ISOCAMP - temperature protection - tailor-made for your project. Our insulation is used in all types of camping vehicles, but is also suitable for use in the home, garden and leisure area.

The thermal mats are made in Germany, custom-made products are available on request. We manufacture insulation for all high, lifting and sleeping roofs, thermal curtains, tent bellows insulation for roof tents.


Nothing is impossible in our manufactory, we have specialized in the production of cold and heat insulation of all kinds in the camping area:

  • tent bellows insulation
  • Lifting and sleeping roof insulation
  • Door and window insulation, rear door insulation
  • Thermal curtains for each area
  • and much more

With our thermal material, which was developed and manufactured in Germany to meet the highest demands, the highest insulation values can be achieved. Our manufactory implements your vehicle-specific wishes on schedule.

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window insulation

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