Item number THERMO | HYMER 320 | beige / silber

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Tailor-made magnetic thermal mats for the tent bellows of the SCA sleeping roof 320

for Hymer with pop-top/pop-up roof 320

Extreme insulation against cold but also heat - noise-dampening

Vehicle length 5998 to 6363 mm (600, 630 and 640), sleeping area 2000 x 1300 mm

7-layer insulation material, aluminum laminated with sewn-in magnets:
Inner fabric: durable fabric
Filling 1: aluminum thermal foil
Filling 2: 2mm thermofoil
Filling 3: aluminum thermal foil
Filling 4: 2mm thermal fleece
Filling 5: 100g/sqm polyester padding
Outer material: Aluminum mesh fabric, silver

Material Thickness: 8mm
Fastening with magnetic adhesive strips (40 pieces included in the delivery)
easy to assemble, initial assembly approx. 15 min
Insulation against cold & heat & noise
Dimensions of the individual parts: side parts 2700 x 380/990 mm, foot part 1580 x 380 mm, head part 1580 x 380 mm
To be attached from the inside
store folded or rolled

The high roof insulation consists of four parts which are attached to the lifting roof with magnets and connected to each other with Velcro. The front part can be partly rolled down for ventilation or removed completely. Since every high roof can have a certain height deviation, the thermal mats are slightly larger at the bottom and are simply folded over to prevent cold bridges.

The enclosed metal pads are used to hold the thermal mats. These are glued to the aluminum rail at the top of the high roof every approx. 20 cm.

Clean the aluminum rail with isopropanol or another fat-dissolving agent. Peel off the protective film from the metal pad and attach this at the desired location. ATTENTION: The ambient temperature as well as the temperature of the aluminum rail and the metal pads must be at least 15 °C! No damage to the roof by drilling necessary, the pads can be removed without leaving any residue.

When manufacturing the material, 7 layers of highly insulating material were quilted - made in Germany.

The thermal mats are made in Germany, custom-made products are available on request. We manufacture insulation for all high, lifting and sleeping roofs, thermal curtains, tent bellows insulation for roof tents.

  • The 4-piece extreme insulation set was specially developed for the SCA 320 sleeping roof. The attachment via magnets guarantees that each individual mat sits perfectly and is held on the vehicle without any permanent drilling
  • Roof tent insulation 4-part, 7-layer material aluminum laminated
  • Simple application - mount the enclosed magnetic strips in the roof tent - attach thermal mats and connect all four parts with Velcro
  • High thermal insulation in summer - best insulation against cold in winter
  • On request, we manufacture insulation for every area of ​​application, custom-made in Germany